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Termites are also known as white ants or wood ants

How To Control and Treat for Termites in Cape Town

Termites, also called white ants or wood ants, can be a very stressful discovery for any property owner. We have written a guide and treatment process for termite control. Pest Managers is an accredited Termite Control Specialist. Pest Managers can assist with all forms of termite control in Cape Town.

Termite Treatment Methods

There are four various methods of treatment for termites. But first we must find out what type of treatment is required by identifying the problem.

The 4 types of termite treatments that are available are:

  1. Pre-Construction trench drench treatments
  2. Post construction perimeter trench treatments
  3. Granule treatments
  4. Structural termite treatment

Of the four the structural termite treatment is by far the most serious. We can go into detail about each type of termite control so that you the reader has a better understanding of what will be required post inspection.

1. Pre-Construction trench drench treatments

In this type of termite control treatment, we drench the trenches that were dug for the foundation of the property. There is a set amount of chemical that needs to be applied per square meter for the treatment to be effective.

2. Post Construction perimeter trench treatment

This type of treatment can be done as a preventative treatment when termites have been identified in the area. You would like to safeguard your property from subterranean damage.

3. Granule Treatments

Termite control granules can be applied where termites have become invasive above ground on the property. This type of treatment is highly effective, and it has been known to eradicate large nesting sites with remarkable effectivity. The granules can either be spread like seeds or you can make feed stations on the property.

4. Structural termite treatment

When a structural termite infestation is present it is serious. If there are termites in your home the chances are that the walls have been hollowed. Termites have then nested within your walls. To eradicate the termite infestation, you need to do a trench treatment on the inside of the perimeter, right by the property foundation on the outside. 

If there is no soil to treat, a trench injection will be required. Drill injection is when we drill into the foundation and inject pesticides into the foundation. Once that is complete, we need to track where the termites are with either thermal equipment or listening devices. When this is determined, drilling into the walls will be required. When termites are present in walls there will be a strong mold smell that can vary to a leafy organic smell.

The above are guidelines for termite control and treatments. All structural termite treatments are different. Your property will need to be assessed and a treatment plan drafted by a skilled professional.

How to find termites in the walls?

By using modern technology, we can detect termites by thermal imaging. Thermal imaging allows us to see hotspots that indicate where the biggest concentration of termites is.

Another method is by listening for activity by using a stethoscope or knocking on areas to listen for hollow spots.

These methods are excellent for identifying the correct areas for drilling. Effective termite control depends on applying the correct termite treatment to the right area.

The following are tips for termite control and termite treatments

Inspect your property for Termites

Inspecting your property a few times a year is an effective way of identifying termites before they take hold in your property. If you see small mounds on the grass or paving open them and see if you can find exoskeletons resembling a termite. Alternatively, monitor the area and you should be able to detect if they are active.

Check your basements for Termite infestations

Check your basement for any signs of mud tubes or grass like debris. You should be able to smell the termites if the infestation has been present for a while. Create light pressure on areas of concern with a stick or one of your fingers to identify brittle areas. This method works very well on beams or older structures.

Moisture Levels are critical

Moisture control is critical, as termites are always looking for damp areas. The reason they look for damp areas is because they cultivate their own fungi as they eat food that they cannot fully digest. The fungus aids digestion, thus reducing the need for damp areas.

Use Granular Baits

If you find termite mounds on your property, use baits to kill nests. Baits are a highly effective way to control termites. These treatment methods have been used for a long time.

The dangers of Wood – Termites are wood destroying organisms

Piles of wood around the house is a big concern especially in South Africa where it has become a standard for storing wood on your property. Termites are wood destroying organisms. A termite infestation is highly likely to occur due to termites in the wood being delivered to your home. Termites prefer damp areas for their fungi farms, especially if the wood is left exposed to water. One of the best tips for termite control is to keep wood at least ten meters from your house.

Compost Heap Inspections

Compost heaps are another big problem for termite control. Termites love compost heaps and their organic mess of leaves and vegetables. Keep compost heaps away from your house and when you turn the compost over check for signs of termites.

Treat your wood against termites

By being preventative and treating any exposed wood with a product like CTX 108 you can deter any invading termites before they start to infest and destroy your structure. This would be an example of effective termite control.

Be Proactive

If you know your area is prone to termite infestations, be proactive. Use innovative ways to keep them out of your property by placing bait stations on the perimeter of your property. Maintain proper protection by removing and re-baiting the stations every 3 months.

Check for wood certification

When you purchase wood make sure that the wood has been treated against termites and wood boring insects.

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Pest Managers can assist with all types of Termite control and treatments. Contact us today for an inspection.

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