Bird Control Cape Town

Welcome to Bird Control Cape Town. We’re the ideal choice every time you need effective, affordable, and innovative solutions to prevent problem birds or common pests from costing you time and money. Established just a few years ago, we are a leading provider of solutions for all bird and pest control problems. Our high quality, reliable products are suitable for a variety of applications; so whether you’re running a business, or just trying to prevent damage to your home, we are sure you will find something that meets your individual requirements.

We offer a wide range of quality bird deterrents. We have a wide variety of great options to suit every application, no matter what the scope or budget you are working to. From innovative, cutting-edge ultrasonic deterrents, to simple and affordable, yet effective measures, such as bird spikes or visual decoys, we guarantee we have something that will make your life a lot easier.

Our products are effective, reliable and above all will not harm the birds themselves or the environment. While birds and other pests can cause a lot of problems and inconvenience, we are still passionate about wildlife here at Bird Control Cape Town, and we strive to select products that eliminate the need for pesticides, poison or dangerous and harmful traps. We look forward to helping you with a custom solution to your bird problem.

We sell and install a wide variety of products like bird spikes, netting, ultrasonic devices and anti-bird wire. If you are are experiencing itching because of birds please view our page on bird lice - simply click on bird lice or navigate via the menu. Contact us 021 903 2159

Why you need Bird Control Solutions

Bird Control Methods

Bird Netting

Excellent method for keeping birds out of areas

Can be utilized in roofs, I beam structures and gardens

Extremely friendly to birds

Bird Spikes

Very effective in keeping birds of ledges and perching areas

UV Resistant

Very strong and Flexible

Poly-carbonate Plastic

Bird Wire Installations

Excellent Physical Deterrent

Discourages Pest Birds From Perching


We Specialize in Exclusions

Once all holes are closed Birds will not have access to the inner roof

We use only the best materials

We do Spray Treatment for Bird Lice

Removal of nests in roof if accessible