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Tired of trying to control pests in your Business or Home?


Hire our Pest Control Service to get rid of the Pests for you!


We are an Eco-Friendly Pest Control company in Cape Town!

Tired of trying to control pests in your Business or Home?
We are an Eco-Friendly Pest Control company.

Why use our Pest Control Services?

If you are looking for a reliable company that will offer a lasting solution to your pest infestation problem, you can count on Pest Managers to deliver. We offer several benefits which make our service the most effective in the market.

Assistance Available in English and Afrikaans

Pest Managers is the most effective Eco Friendly
Pest Control Company

Assistance Available in English and Afrikaans

Pest Managers is the most effective Eco Friendly
Pest Control Company

Pest Managers uses Eco Friendly pest control pesticides called synthetic pyrethroids to control a wide variety of pests in Cape Town.

Pest Managers is an exterminator service that provides pest control services.

Chrysanthemum Flowers used in synthetic pyrethroids.

What makes our pesticides eco-friendly and what are synthetic pyrethroids? 

Pest Managers are eco-friendly because our pesticides are 100% biodegradable. We use pyrethroid insecticides that are chemically reproduced. These chemicals are derived from naturally occurring pyrethrin’s taken from pyrethrum which is the resin extract from the dried chrysanthemum flowers. Chrysanthemum is a powerful plant with excellent properties for natural pest control. Chrysanthemum modern translation is the Golden Flower, with ‘chrys’ meaning golden and ‘anthemon’ meaning flower.

Eco-Friendly Pesticides for Pest Control

Is your business entrance covered in weeds? Do you have a cockroach infestation in your restaurant’s kitchen? Is your home bathroom covered in mould? Pests are troublesome for your home and your business. Different types of pests require different methods of pest control. Know the difference between which eco-friendly pesticide Pest Managers will use for your pest control Cape Town.

Pest Managers

Pest Managers is your one-stop shop when it comes to pest control in Cape Town. Pest Managers pride ourselves on understanding the pests which bother you, allowing us to sort out your problem efficiently and effectively. Our team is a group of dedicated and professional pest control Cape Town technicians so that your experience with Pest Managers is not a further pest to deal with.

Pest Control

Homes and businesses can be infested with problematic pests all year round in Cape Town. Pest Managers has focused on pest control in Cape Town to offer a sense of relief and comfort back to all those who inhabit the beautiful Mother City. Pest Managers also offer pest control services to Stellenbosch, Blouberg, and the southern and northern suburbs surrounding Cape Town.

What is a Pest?

A pest is a living creature that is problematic in your home or business. While you may feel that the Egyptian goose waking you up every morning as it honks on your neighbor’s roof is a pest, certain animals are officially deemed pests due to the issues they cause. Pests are problematic in these ways:

  1. Disease: Rats, fleas, cockroaches, and other pests are known for carrying diseases. These pests can transfer these diseases to you directly or also through transferring them to your household pets.
  2. Allergens: People can have allergic reactions to pests which range from a blocked nose to significant health problems to even death. The most common pest allergies are caused by dust mite droppings and skin shedding. These minuscule pests are difficult to see which results in their infestation being unsuspected until your allergic reactions start.
  3. Home or Business Damage: Certain pests are exceptionally destructive in the way they build their nests or live. Wooden homes face structural damage with infestations of termites and ants are capable of damaging housing foundations. From a structural safety point of view, pests can be catastrophic in a home or business.
  4. Food Waste: Not only is finding cockroaches in your kitchen cupboard gross, but there is also the addition of the effect these pests have on your food. All infested food needs to be discarded which leads to food waste. This can be exceptionally dire in households with tight budgets.
  5. Nuisance:  On top of all the health, structural, and food risks, pests are a nuisance. They invade your home and upset the comfort of your lifestyle. Living with pests does not need to happen when Pest Managers are easily available for pest control.

Pest Infestation

Have you just accepted that there will forever be a trail of ants marching in and out of your home? Have you accepted defeat and just clean up the mess which pigeons cause in your outdoor space? When pests infest a space, they come in significant quantities which soon becomes unmanageable and overwhelming.

Pest Managers do not want you to live or work in situations infested by pests. We want everyone in Cape Town to walk into their living or working space and feel safe and carefree from the problematic pests which have infested the area. Pest Managers use integrated pest management methods to tackle pest infestations, with pesticides being one of the methods.

Quality Pesticides

Pest Managers understand that having a pest infestation in your home or business can be frustrating and uncomfortable. To top this experience off, there is now the additional cost to your budget to remove this pesky problem. Pest Managers provides you with a service and pesticides that are affordable.

We aim to save you money without skimping on the quality of the pesticides we use. We ensure that the pesticide used is correct for the problem and will ensure customer satisfaction without causing any more grief for you with a huge expense.

Different Types of Pesticides

Pest Managers ensure efficient pest control in Cape Town by using the correct pesticide for the job. Pests range from insects, animals, to plants, and each requires a different type of pesticide to successfully control pests in Cape Town. Look through our quick comparison of the different types of pesticides so that you understand that when Pest Managers arrive, your pest control will be the best in Cape Town.


Insecticides are pesticides aimed specifically to control insect pests. Pest Managers use specific insecticides to deal with specified insects. The insect pests which are prevalent in Cape Town and can be controlled and eradicated by Pest Managers are:

The intensity of the insect infestation will determine how Pest Managers will use the insecticides to pest control your home or business. If your house or business is completely infested, the best solution to pest control correctly and efficiently is fumigating your home or business premises.


Fumigation is the process of covering your entire infected space with a tent and fumigating the area with the correct insecticide. This process can be extremely disruptive to your lifestyle. You are required to vacate your home, along with your pets, and remove any food items which are open and able to be contaminated with the insecticide. Depending on the severity, this process can take a few days or weeks.

To avoid getting your house fumigated, keep firm control of the insect pests in your home by calling Pest Managers in the early stages. This helps prevent the insects from breeding and spreading to your entire home or business space.


Herbicides are focused on controlling or eradicating unwanted plants or weeds. Weeds can downgrade the appearance of your perfectly cut lawn, cause fine cracks in your driveway, or kill your valued plants.

Weeds tend to be hardy, easily adaptable to most environments, and disperse quickly and widely. This makes weed eradication a monumental task for the home gardener or farmer. The most common weeds found in Cape Town are listed.

  • Winter Grass
  • White Clover
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Creeping Charlie
  • Wild Violet
  • Dandelion


Removing weeds can be done through either the use of herbicides or manual removal. Manual removal is time-consuming, labour intensive, and often does not sufficiently solve the problem. The use of herbicides to remove plant pests is quick, efficient, easy, and target specific, making herbicides the suggested way to remove unwanted plants.

While you can use herbicides yourself, using a professional pest control company is suggested when dealing with plant pests. Pest Managers understand the importance of only eradicating the specified weed. For example, if a general herbicide was used on a farm, there could be detrimental effects to crop yield, food supply, and income for all who rely on the farm.

Whether this is at your home, business, or agricultural land, Pest Managers provides the best-suited herbicides for your plant pest problems.


Fungicides are used for the removal of fungus pests. Fungicides are a chemical that targets both the fungus and the fungal spores and ensures that the fungi are killed. Not all fungi are pests, but many fungi and fungal spores are dangerous and deadly to you and your pets.

Fungi thrive in dark, warm, and moist environments. Kitchen cupboards, bathrooms, air-conditioning units, and basements are hotspots for fungi growth in South Africa.


Mushrooms are a type of fungus. Do not worry, not all mushrooms are dangerous so there is no need to look at your button mushrooms in the fridge with suspicion. We suggest avoiding eating any mushrooms found growing wildly and contacting Pest Managers to remove all mushrooms, and other fungal pests, from your home or business. There are only a few dangerous or deadly mushrooms found in South Africa.

  • Copper Trumpet
  • Death Cap
  • Panther Cap
  • Sulphur Tuft
  • False Parasol
  • Yellow Stainer
  • Deceptive Mushroom

Fungal spores are microscopic particles that serve a reproductive purpose for the fungus. These biological particles work in the same way a plant would disperse a seed. Fungal spores can be detrimental to human health which range from mildly uncomfortable to life-threatening. Certain health issues caused by fungus and fungal spores are:

  • Sneezing
  • Mucous production
  • Asthma
  • Headaches
  • Diseases

Many fungi release the spores all year round, meaning this pest is a constant concern especially to those with fungal spore-related allergies. Pest Managers understand the nature and characteristics of fungi and can eradicate these pests effectively with the correct fungicide.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Pest Managers is an environmentally conscious company. As one of the few eco-friendly pest control companies, Pest Managers assure you that the services and products used are environmentally savvy. Here are a few of the common questions we get asked about how we are an eco-friendly pest control company.

How are your pesticides environmentally friendly?

All the products we use for pest control in are 100% biodegradable. This means that the products we use can be broken down which prevents our products from polluting any surfaces or water sources. In current times, choosing products that are driven towards protecting our fragile environment is of the uttermost importance.

Why do you focus on being environmentally friendly?

Pest problems are often solved without consideration for the adverse effects on other living species, the surrounding space, and the overall environment. This is a quick fix that leads to significant issues down the line.

We are highly conscious of how our actions have an impact on the environment. Even an action as seemingly small as removing cockroaches from your home can have wide-reaching effects. Pest Managers aim to solve the pest problem sufficiently without causing other problems for you and the environment.

How do the pesticides you use not affect other wanted living species?

Pest Managers is highly considerate of the interconnectedness of the environment. While certain animals are pests, others are not pests. We ensure that the pesticides we use are focused specifically on targeting the pest of concern whilst not damaging other animals or plants in the process.

For example, rodents are a common household problem in Cape Town. Rodents are also a food source for all common and endangered owls which inhabit the Cape Town region. We ensure that the rodent poisons used for your pest control in are owl-friendly. Our pesticides allow you to enjoy the hooting of the owls at night without the scratching sound of rats roaming around your roof.

Pest Managers understand your pest problems and offer services that use the correct eco-friendly pesticides for your pest control.

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Pest Managers is Rated 5 Stars by our Clients

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Rico HattinghRico Hattingh
06:19 20 Sep 22
We had endless problems of Ants for years and have tried every single product and service possible, but to no avail, until we were referred to Phillip from Pest Managers who only did one treatment. They spent a few hours around the house and literally now a year later, I have not seen 1 ant. This is really the Best choice that I've made ever.
Ryan DunneRyan Dunne
09:24 14 Sep 22
I contacted Pest Managers to get rid of a Yellow Jacket Wasp infestation. The team was very professional, as well as knowledgeable.I would certainly make use of their services again, and can highly recommend them.
Kelly LaubscherKelly Laubscher
06:54 13 Sep 22
Pest Managers did an excellent job taking care of our Ant pest control problem. Their efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness were top notch. The granule bait they used was taken immediately by the ants and three months later, they haven't returned! They were friendly, knowledgeable, and I felt like I got professional pest control service. Clicked on Pest Managers when searching for Pest Control Cape Town, contacted them and received the friendliest service agent. Within 24 hours of making the booking, the guys were at our site for an inspection and treatment! It was a pleasure to work with such a well-organized company. Excellent service at an affordable price! I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided.
Mark CohenMark Cohen
15:32 24 Aug 22
Bird-proofing - wires and spikes. Very professional and friendly service from start to finish - recommend them highly!!
Laurie BrunsLaurie Bruns
09:39 28 Jan 22
Very professional, friendly service. Took care of many many wasp nests around the house quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend!
Louette NelLouette Nel
15:10 27 Jan 22
Pest Managers assisted me to sort out birds nesting in my ceiling. Since the first time I contacted them, they were very professional, prompt and frequently communicated timelines and expected contact days. Both teams that came (for the quote and actual service) were friendly, on time and very professional. Hopefully I would not need their services again soon, but I'll gladly recommend them.
Winnie BurgerWinnie Burger
11:42 09 Nov 21
Brilliant service for hard to reach bird nest in a triple volume room. Supplied scaffolding and took utmost care not to damage bespoke light fittings and cabinetry. Cleaned up afterwards - left room spic-and-span. Most professional (and friendly) service from start to finish.
Yaw OppongYaw Oppong
13:32 30 Mar 21
I had birds in my roof, i got a few quotes, not only were they the cheapest, there was such great service received from Adrian during the call out. They came and did the job today and a great experience once again. Here's to hoping the tenants in my roof find a more suitable place to call home 🙂

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