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Did you know? South African paper wasps are a social wasp group and get their name from their paper-like nests.

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Identifying Wasps

Wasp Nests

Information about Wasps

In Cape Town, the three most commonly sighted wasps include the German Wasp, the South African Paper Wasp, and the European Paper Wasp. Wasps are considered to be one of the nastiest flying insects in Cape Town. Not only are they aggressive and capable of stinging countless times, unlike their counterpart the bee, but they are also detrimental towards the conservation of our bee populations. Did you know that wasps can actually harm our bee population? In fact, they prey on them. Since bees are essential for pollination, it is up to us to ensure they are protected. What better way to do that than to control the reproduction and invasion of wasps?

If you notice any signs that you may have a wasp infestation, get in touch with us! These pests should never be handled by an untrained person, as they are incredibly aggressive and can deliver multiple nasty stings. Should you ever see flying insects in your home that look like wasps, chewed wood, or visible wasp nests, our experts will assist you with your infestation.

Interesting Facts about Wasps

I can say from personal experience that a wasp sting is extremely painful. Be cautious when it comes to wasps as they turn aggressive in a instant. Here are some facts to consider when it comes to wasps.

• In mid to late summer, wasp colonies start to produce new males and queens. The wasps fly away to mate after which the queen finds a place to hibernate. Colder weather eventually kills the males, workers and the foundational queens.

• Wasps are very aggressive towards other insects they kill smaller insects to feed to their young.

• German wasps strip the bark from trees causing extensive damage over long periods of time.

• Wasps do not collectively gather to swarm predators or humans unlike bees.

• When you are stung by the wasp you can self administer deodorant as it contains aluminum that breaks the enzyme down that causes the pain.

• Wasp venom can cause discomfort for up to 24 hours, there are however a minority of people who go into anaphylactic shock.

• The impregnated queens are the only wasps that survive the winter. They emerge from hibernation in the spring time to build new nests and start the colonization process all over again.  The first batch off eggs laid are sized between 10 and 14. The queen feeds them until they eventually hatch and become the worker wasps.  The worker wasps go out and collect food to feed the larvae and guard the nest from predators. 

• Male wasps are called drones. Drone wasps impregnate the queen. After the drone wasp has impregnated the queen he dies in short succession. Male wasps cannot sting and really only have the one task in their lifecycle.

• Wasps form colonies that are self contained communities, each following an order of queens, males and workers.

• The venom of the wasp contain a pheromone. If other wasps detect the pheromone they can become very aggressive. Never kill a wasp close to its nest.

Wasp nest removal is a very specialized task and should only be carried out by pest control professionals specializing in wasp pest control. If you or anyone else try to remove the nests you run the risk of being stung multiple times and the pain will be unbearable. If you remove only some of the nests the wasps will continue to build and the problem will not be resolved. You can be assured that Pest Managers can safely remove and dispose of all nests. Contact us today.

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