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Guide to Silverfish

Did you know? Silverfish are actually believed to be one of the oldest insect species alive on earth.

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What do Silverfish Look Like?

Information about Silverfish Control

Silverfish, also known as fish moths, are a species of small, primitive, wingless insects that are typically found in Africa, the Americas, Australia, Eurasia, and other Pacific locations. These pests thrive in humid environments that are dark and damp, such as attics, bathtubs, sinks, kitchens, old books, classrooms, and showers in some urban areas. While they are not harmful or detrimental to your health in terms of bites or disease, they are still considered pests due to their destructive feeding habits.

Silverfish consume matter that contains polysaccharides, such as starch and cellulose, as well as sugar. What this means is that if you have any carpeting, books, clothing, coffee, glue, papers, paints, photos, etc., these Silverfish will either destroy the actual item by feeding on it or destroy it to feed on it. For example, a Silverfish will damage your wallpaper to feast on the paste.

As you can see, Silverfish can become highly destructive household pests if left for too long. Ironically, other pests like earwigs, house centipedes, and spiders are predators of Silverfish. For Professional Silverfish Control contact us today!

Silverfish: What Are They?

Silverfish, also known as fish moths, are nocturnal insects that inhabit damp areas. Their bodies are up to one inch long and have long antennae on one end. At the end of their bodies, they have three long appendages called cerci. Its silvery shine and wriggling motion resemble those of fish, which gives it its name. Even though silverfish can live in a variety of environments, they prefer moist, warm environments.

Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens are the most familiar places to find them. Boxes, shelves, behind walls or wallpaper, under sinks, in closets, in bathtubs, and even in window or door frames are the most likely places to find them. Silverfish can lay up to fifty eggs at a time and have an exceedingly long lifespan – although there is some disagreement about how long; different sources say silverfish live between two and seven years.

The Most Effective Way to Deal with a Silverfish Infestation

Due to their small size, fast speed, and nocturnal habits, silverfish are often overlooked until they have already infested an area. If you prefer to deal with a silverfish infestation yourself, boric acid can be highly effective. Ingestion or external contact with the powder is harmful. It is also possible to kill these pests with basic roach traps and insecticides. Professional assistance is recommended since do-it-yourself tactics are rarely effective at eliminating all silverfish, and many of these methods do not destroy the countless eggs that silverfish lay.

It is still possible for silverfish to damage precious books, priceless photographs, and other valuable items, even though they are a minor nuisance rather than a major pest. Get your home silverfish proof or contact a professional to deal with a silverfish infestation.

Silverfish Infestation Prevention

Removing the factors that encourage silverfish to move in and breed is one way to prevent them. Silverfish are less likely to establish themselves in your home if you eliminate some of their food sources, such as cardboard, old books, and rotting shelves. Silverfish infestations is also significantly reduced by removing moisture from surfaces or even dehumidifying your home because silverfish like humid places.

To keep silverfish and other pests out, leaks in pipes should be repaired, and cracks and drains should be sealed. Infected areas can also benefit from wallpaper removal. Silverfish can be prevented through home maintenance and other measures. There are some herbs that are known to deter silverfish, such as rosemary or costmary sprigs, which can be laid around areas where silverfish may be present. Silverfish are also deterred by cucumber peels and camphor.

What Makes Silverfish Pests?

Silverfish can pose a serious nuisance at times, even though they are not particularly harmful to humans or buildings. Silverfish prefer vegetable matter with a high carbohydrate and protein content, such as starches and adhesives. Consequently, they cause damage to book bindings, paper, photos, carpets, wallpaper, and even some synthetic fabrics. Sugar and coffee are also consumed, contaminating household foods.

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