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Bird Proofing is an essential practice for property owners who want to protect their buildings from the damage and health risks posed by pest birds. 

The importance of bird proofing, the various methods available, and how to choose the most effective solution for your specific situation. By implementing the appropriate bird proofing measures, you can maintain a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment on your property.

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Tried and Trusted Expert Bird Proofing in Cape Town

Expert Bird Proofing in Cape Town

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dolly september
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What is bird proofing and how does it effect us

One common question in people’s minds is, what is bird proofing? Bird proofing involves various effective ways to prevent birds, such as seagulls and starlings, from perching, roosting, and nesting where they aren’t allowed.  

The process includes physical and visual barriers which are strong and long-lasting. Skilled bird-proofing specialists assess the situation and decide the best method according to the place and types of birds.  

The benefits of bird proofing are: 

  • Avoids property damages 
  • Avoids the need for bird lice pest control
  • Stops infestation due to the spreading of bird lice 
  • It helps businesses to have quiet operations free from bird sounds and bird droppings 
  • It helps to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of a building 

Many people confuse bird proofing for bird removal or bird extermination. To be clear, bird-proofing solutions are eco-friendly. Moreover, it encourages birds to nest in natural alternatives rather than in buildings. This process is environmentally friendly and very safe. 

How our bird proofing can help you

Bird proofing has multiple benefits for commercial and residential spaces. Our techniques, like bird netting, spikes, wiring, and dealing with exclusions, are specifically designed for individual needs.  

Bird proofing is helpful because: 

  • It Helps to Avoid Poor Impressions. 

Bird droppings and their odor is a very bad site that turns down the first impression of any business or commercial space. Dirty windows, floors, and clogged gutters are mayhem. Moreover, it indicates carelessness, bad hygiene, and a total turndown. However, with proper bird proofing, you can maintain the appearance of your place of business. 

  • Help to Deal with Cleaning Costs. 

Businesses have to spend money each year to clean the buildup of bird excrement, nest debris and other lasting destructive effects. These costs can be eradicated with our one-time bird-proofing solution. 

  • Avoids Equipment Damage. 

Nesting and bird droppings are very dangerous for equipment. It can cause machine failure and can create future problems.  

Apart from these everyday situations, for some businesses bird-proofing is an absolute requirement. Spaces like eateries, food packaging plants, hospitals, etc., need it the most due to the many serious problems birds can cause. For example, birds nesting can welcome accidental slips in hospitals, bother patients with noise, cause additional health problems and much more.  

Moreover, in eateries, birds nesting is a health code violation because droppings and bird lice can enter the food. Furthermore, any business is at risk of health hazards if working in a place with bird shelters. Bird proofing your solar panels is also important as to keep your batteries loaded for when when the power is out.

Bird proofing your home and commercial buildings is a thoughtful step towards an attractive and safe place to live and work in. At Pest Managers, we thoroughly assess the situation and suggest the best solution. 

Bird Proofing Methods

Bird Proofing Solutions

There are various bird proofing methods available, each with its advantages and limitations. By understanding the different options, you can choose the most suitable solution for your specific situation.

Physical Deterrents

Physical deterrents are designed to prevent birds from perching or nesting on your property by making surfaces uncomfortable or inaccessible. Some common physical deterrents include:

Bird Spikes

Bird Spike Installation Gerberit

Bird spikes are long, thin, plastic or stainless steel spikes that can be installed on ledges, parapets, and other surfaces where birds tend to perch. They make the surface uncomfortable for birds to land on, effectively deterring them from the area. Bird spikes are an affordable and low-maintenance bird proofing option, suitable for both pigeons and larger birds such as gulls.

Bird Netting

Bird Netting Colcab

Bird netting is a versatile solution that can be installed to cover large areas, such as rooftops, courtyards, and open spaces. The netting prevents birds from accessing the protected areas, effectively deterring them from nesting or roosting. Bird netting is particularly useful for protecting sensitive locations, such as historic buildings, from damage caused by bird droppings.

Bird Wire

Bird Control Solutions

Bird wire systems consist of parallel metal wires supported by posts, which are installed along the areas frequented by pest birds. The wires make it difficult for birds to find a comfortable perch, thereby deterring them from the area. Bird wire is a less obtrusive and more aesthetically pleasing option compared to bird netting, making it suitable for use on architectural and historic structures.

Visual Deterrents

Visual deterrents use motion, reflective surfaces, or images of predators to scare birds away from your property. Some common visual deterrents include:

Reflective Objects

Reflective objects, such as old CDs or aluminum foil, can be hung near problem areas to create movement and reflect light, scaring birds away. Although this method may be somewhat effective, it may not be a long-term solution, as some birds may eventually become accustomed to the objects and no longer perceive them as a threat.

Fake Birds of Prey

Fake birds of prey, such as plastic owls or eagles, can be placed around your property to scare off pest birds. However, this method is not always reliable, as some birds may eventually recognize that the fake predators pose no real threat and continue to frequent the area.

Auditory Deterrents

Auditory deterrents use sound to discourage birds from nesting or roosting on your property. Some common auditory deterrents include:

Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices emit high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to humans but can be heard by birds. These sounds are designed to be unpleasant to birds, deterring them from the area. Ultrasonic devices can be effective in some situations, but their effectiveness may decrease over time as birds become accustomed to the noise.

Bioacoustic Systems

Bioacoustic systems use recorded bird distress calls or predator calls to scare away pest birds. These systems can be highly effective, as they exploit the birds’ natural instincts to avoid danger. However, they may not be suitable for all situations, as they can be audible to humans and may cause noise pollution.

Choosing the Right Bird Proofing Solution

To select the most effective bird proofing solution for your property, consider the following factors:

Assess the Problem

Before choosing a bird proofing method, it’s important to assess the extent of the problem. Determine the type and number of birds causing issues, and identify whether they are perching, roosting, or nesting. This information will help you choose the most appropriate bird proofing solution for your specific situation.

Consider the Property

The design and structure of your property may influence the bird proofing methods that can be used. For example, bird spikes may not be suitable for curved or irregular surfaces, while bird netting may be difficult to install on large or complex structures. Be sure to choose a bird proofing solution that is compatible with your property’s design and layout.

Consult a Professional

Bird proofing is a specialized skill that should be carried out by trained and experienced professionals. By consulting with a reputable bird control company, you can ensure that the most effective and legally compliant bird proofing measures are implemented on your property.

Legal Considerations in Bird Proofing

It’s essential to be aware of the legal implications of bird proofing, as some birds, their nests, and eggs are protected. Certain legislation prohibits the harming or killing of birds or interfering with their nests or eggs without the appropriate wildlife license. To ensure compliance with the law, always consult with a professional bird control company before taking any action to control birds on your property.

Maintaining Bird Proofing Measures

Once you have implemented the appropriate bird proofing measures, it’s important to regularly inspect and maintain them to ensure their continued effectiveness. This may involve cleaning and repairing physical deterrents, replacing visual or auditory deterrents, or adjusting bird control strategies as needed.

In conclusion, bird proofing is a crucial investment for property owners who want to protect their buildings from the health risks, safety hazards, and structural damage caused by pest birds. By selecting the most suitable bird proofing methods and working with a professional bird control company, you can effectively deter birds from your property and maintain a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

The Importance of Bird Proofing

Birds such as pigeons, gulls, sparrows, and starlings are known to cause a wide range of problems when they perch, roost, or nest on buildings. These issues can range from health risks due to the pathogens carried by birds and their droppings, to structural damage caused by corrosive guano and nesting materials. By investing in bird proofing, you can effectively prevent these problems and ensure the safety and integrity of your property.

Health Risks

Pest birds are known to carry more than 110 pathogens, including diseases like salmonella, E.coli, and airborne pathogens that can cause respiratory illnesses. Bird droppings are a significant source of these pathogens, and they pose a considerable risk to human health. By implementing proper bird proofing measures, you can minimize the risk of infection and maintain a healthy environment on your property.

Safety Hazards

Bird droppings on pavements, walkways, and other surfaces can be extremely slippery, especially in wet conditions. This can lead to accidents and injuries caused by slips and falls. Bird proofing can effectively prevent the accumulation of guano, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safe environment for people on your property.

Structural Damage

Bird guano contains uric acid, which can corrode paintwork, metal, stonework, and brickwork on your building. This corrosion can result in severe and expensive property damage, such as water leaks and damp penetration. By investing in bird proofing, you can protect your property from costly repairs and maintain its structural integrity.