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Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs? Kill them today!

At Pest Managers we understand how scary Bed Bugs can be! Let us eradicate your bed bug infestation today with our patented long lasting pest control technologies!

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Article about Bed Bugs in Cape Town

Read our Blog Post about Bed Bugs one of the most dangerous pests you can find around Cape Town. Safeguard yourself with knowledge of how to identify Bed Bugs.

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What do They Look like?

Bed Bug Pest Control

Let us Help You Get Rid Of Them! Bed Bug Control Cape Town

If you need Fast Efficient Bed Bug Control Cape Town, we have the solution! The idea of being infested with bed bugs is scary. Learn more about how these parasitic bugs live and why bed bug infestations are on the rise so that you can take steps to protect your home.

Pest Managers can assist with all types of Bed Bug Treatments and control in Cape Town.

What are the signs you have Bed Bugs?


The small size of bed bugs and their tendency to conceal themselves during the day can make them difficult to detect. It is most likely that you will experience rashes and bite marks on your skin after sleeping if you have bed bugs.

In heavy infestations, it is possible to find the nest in the same room the person is being bitten. For beds, inspect the mattress and the bed base. Look at the seam of the bed, lift the mattress and try and find small scuff marks or dirty areas. Move the bed away from the wall and do an inspection of the headboard, bedside tables, and skirtings.

Bed bugs are nocturnal, meaning they are most active during the night. It is possible to see bed bug activity in severe infestations. Some people confuse bed bugs with small cockroaches. They have the same red-brown exoskeleton, but they do differ quite substantially.

The presence of black or deep brown spots on infested surfaces is another sign of bed bugs. The spots are dried excrement they expel each evening prior to retreating into hiding.

Heavy infestations can also be detected by the smell of rotten raspberries in a room. A combination of bed bug mating pheromones discarded exoskeletons, and their excrement produces this sickly, sweet odor. Pest Managers has years of experience with Bed Bug Control Cape Town. Contact Us 021 012 5589.

How can I Control Bed Bug Infestations?

Bed Bugs are an excessively big problem all over the world. In South Africa, local people are terrorized by nightly visits from this parasite. Although the proboscis or stinger contains enzymes that administer local anesthesia, the aftereffects of the sting do cause rashes and intense itching which may lead to dermatitis.

If your neighbor or workplace has bed bugs, how can you keep them from getting into your home? You will want to implement a few preventative steps: 

  • Make sure your home is free of bed bugs by conducting a thorough inspection. If your neighbor has bed bugs, be certain to inspect any area that connects your home to theirs. It is critical to inspect electrical lines, plumbing, and vents. Be sure to inspect communal areas, such as hallways, regularly for signs of bed bugs
  • A regular vacuuming routine can contribute to the prevention and slowing of infestations.
  • After inspecting your bed and the area surrounding it, wash your bedding and clothes. Be sure to check your cupboards for the presence of bed bugs and wash your clothes and bedding in hot water as a preventative measure.

How can I get rid of Bed Bugs?

These infestations can be difficult to eradicate due to their ability to hide and the fact that they are small and feed only at night. Defeating bed bug infestation requires a focused effort, but persistence is key.

Inspection: Inspect your home for signs of bed bugs. If your neighbor has bed bugs, check any area that connects your home with theirs. Electrical lines, plumbing, and vents should be inspected. Also, regularly inspect any communal areas, such as a hallway, for signs of bed bugs.

Cleaning: During the process of cleaning items in your home, if possible, seal them in a plastic bag to prevent them from being re-infested as you clean other areas.

Hot Wash: Clothing, bedding, and anything else that can go through the clothes washer should be put in at high heat for at least 45 minutes. Water temperatures must be hot.

Vacuum: All furniture should be removed, and the room should be thoroughly vacuumed. Any area where these tiny bugs may hide should be targeted, including cracks in the floor, ceiling tiles, baseboards, closets, vents, heating elements, molding, electrical outlets, and light fixtures.

Steam: Besides vacuuming, steam cleaning is another excellent method for addressing a bed bug infestation. Heat from steam kills bed bugs instantly and is particularly effective in infiltrating cracks, crevices, and other difficult areas.

Alcohol: The use of baby powder or alcohol is another common method for killing bed bugs. Bed bugs can be smothered and suffocated with baby powder. On contact with an isopropyl solution of 70%, bedbugs and their eggs are also killed. It is possible that both methods will require multiple applications to eliminate an infestation.

Insecticide: Apply insecticide to the interior of your house as a last step in the process of controlling infestations. If bed bugs are still alive, spray this solution on the places they could potentially hide. After it dries, this non-staining, indoor/outdoor spray continues to kill for up to one month. Whenever possible, remove linens and fabrics from the home and launder them. 

Using a light spray, concentrate on the crevices and seams of your mattress where bed bugs might hide. Ensure that you spray the entire frame, paying special attention to the crevices and joints. Before remaking your bed, allow the mattress to dry. If you feel you will not be able to cope, contact Pest Managers on 021 012 5589 we are experts at Bed Bug Control Cape Town.

How can I prevent Bed Bugs form entering my home?

Identifying when you have been in contact with bed bugs is the most effective way to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. If you have been on vacation or a business trip and you suspect bed bugs you could do the following steps:

Check Furniture: Before bringing in any furniture, make sure it is free of bed bugs or any other wood boring insects. Signs that you want to look for are exoskeletons, stains, or strange smells.

Examine Luggage: Bed Bugs are known to travel with their hosts. There is a high chance of bed bugs hiding in your luggage if you have been traveling. This is especially true if your luggage has been in the luggage compartment of a bus or a plane.

Check Yourself: Get the bitemark checked by a dermatologist. An accurate diagnosis is essential to determine the most effective treatment method.

Check the Vehicle: If you have positively identified the bed bug infestation chances are that your vehicle might have an infestation. Inspect the vehicle and apply the necessary treatment to kill the bed bugs.

Bug infestation in homes has nothing to do with hygiene and cleanliness. It infests the finest of homes, hotels, and restaurants. The best way to eliminate bed bugs is with our expert Bed Bug Treatment in Cape Town. You do not deserve to get stressed over bugs in your home. Contact Us for professional bed bug control in Cape Town today, and we will give you our expert opinion.

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