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Did you know? Fleas can consume 15 times their weight in blood per day, and lay 50+ eggs in a day.

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Types Of Flea Species

We as humans don’t meet that many fleas, but there are some of us that see the odd one and we need to ask what is that? Like the first time you saw a sand flea? That was quite an experience!


Flea Types

Human flea– This is the common type of flea that bites humans and pets. They like hot climates and high co2 levels. They reach sizes of 2-2,5mm, males can reach sizes of 3.2mm. Females have smaller head with an elongated backside.

Dog flea– The name says it all, commonly found on dogs they are much larger being up to 3,5mm in length with 8 pairs of teeth on their 6 legs. Like all fleas, they enjoy hot weather.

Cat Flea– Its main victim, cats, is named after this flea, like the dog flea. Dogs can also be affected by this species. Due to their strength and ability to jump long distances, cat fleas can jump from host to host within seconds. However, without a host, these fleas will die within hours.

Bird Flea– In addition to birds, the bird flea can be found on poultry, humans, and other animals. These fleas reach a length of 2.5mm and have strong teeth that allow them to penetrate the skin. Bird nests are a common habitat for these types of fleas. Humans might be their only option if they are unable to find birds nearby.

Sand Flea- Beaches and bodies of water are familiar places for sand fleas to attach to humans and dogs. Their appearance is like that of a crab or shrimp, and they are often mistaken for sea creatures. Approximately 1mm long, these fleas are the smallest type of flea. Since females lay their eggs under your skin, sand flea bites are more serious than other types of flea bites.

Sticktight Flea- It is common to find sticktight fleas on poultry, but they can also infect mammals and humans in addition to poultry. Their attachment to your skin is almost impossible to remove, making them the most dangerous type of flea. The head of the parasite is attached under the skin of the host. It can lead to several health problems.

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Rico HattinghRico Hattingh
06:19 20 Sep 22
We had endless problems of Ants for years and have tried every single product and service possible, but to no avail, until we were referred to Phillip from Pest Managers who only did one treatment. They spent a few hours around the house and literally now a year later, I have not seen 1 ant. This is really the Best choice that I've made ever.
Ryan DunneRyan Dunne
09:24 14 Sep 22
I contacted Pest Managers to get rid of a Yellow Jacket Wasp infestation. The team was very professional, as well as knowledgeable.I would certainly make use of their services again, and can highly recommend them.
Kelly LaubscherKelly Laubscher
06:54 13 Sep 22
Pest Managers did an excellent job taking care of our Ant pest control problem. Their efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness were top notch. The granule bait they used was taken immediately by the ants and three months later, they haven't returned! They were friendly, knowledgeable, and I felt like I got professional pest control service. Clicked on Pest Managers when searching for Pest Control Cape Town, contacted them and received the friendliest service agent. Within 24 hours of making the booking, the guys were at our site for an inspection and treatment! It was a pleasure to work with such a well-organized company. Excellent service at an affordable price! I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided.
Mark CohenMark Cohen
15:32 24 Aug 22
Bird-proofing - wires and spikes. Very professional and friendly service from start to finish - recommend them highly!!
Laurie BrunsLaurie Bruns
09:39 28 Jan 22
Very professional, friendly service. Took care of many many wasp nests around the house quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend!
Louette NelLouette Nel
15:10 27 Jan 22
Pest Managers assisted me to sort out birds nesting in my ceiling. Since the first time I contacted them, they were very professional, prompt and frequently communicated timelines and expected contact days. Both teams that came (for the quote and actual service) were friendly, on time and very professional. Hopefully I would not need their services again soon, but I'll gladly recommend them.
Winnie BurgerWinnie Burger
11:42 09 Nov 21
Brilliant service for hard to reach bird nest in a triple volume room. Supplied scaffolding and took utmost care not to damage bespoke light fittings and cabinetry. Cleaned up afterwards - left room spic-and-span. Most professional (and friendly) service from start to finish.
Yaw OppongYaw Oppong
13:32 30 Mar 21
I had birds in my roof, i got a few quotes, not only were they the cheapest, there was such great service received from Adrian during the call out. They came and did the job today and a great experience once again. Here's to hoping the tenants in my roof find a more suitable place to call home 🙂