This webpage is dedicated to Weed Control Cape Town. If you need Weed Control in Cape Town please contact us. We offer Pest, Bird and Weed control solutions. We cover Northern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs.

Weed Control

Weed Control For Your Home or Business

Weeds are an unwelcome sight for any property.

Even a single weed can disrupt the appearance of a well-maintained lawn, and new weeds are usually quick to follow.

We can treat lawn or paving for all types of weeds.

We treat lawns without affecting any grass in a negative way.

Our application is by means of spray and we use various types of herbicides.

We do treatments for any size and layout.

Preventive Weed Control Services

When it comes to invasive plant life, it is always better to stop weeds before they sprout rather than waiting until after they have sprouted.

With preventive, weed control services, your property would be protected against a wide range of weeds year round.

This type of service involves routine preventative treatments. These treatments keep grass healthy by protecting it against invasive broadleaf weeds.

With this approach you stop weed growth before seeds have the chance to take root and grow.

We Service

We service all areas for Weeds

All Paving and Grass Areas

All Homes

Business Complexes

Residential Complexes

What we need you to do on the day of treatment

All Animals will have to be kept inside for at least 3 hours until the herbicides dry.

Herbicides are completely safe once they have dried.

Please ensure that this rule is strictly followed as this is very important to you.

Our pricing starts from as little as R400