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1 Jul, 2019
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30 Jul, 2019
The Most Common Pest Control Problem in Cape Town

The Most Common Pest Control Problem in Cape Town would definitely be our "German Cockroach"

Facts about our invaders

• German cockroaches can be found in any home or business no matter how clean it is.

• The most common place for the German cockroach to breed is behind fridges in the compressor area.

• German cockroach infestations can get out of control very fast if not tended to as soon as you see them.

• German cockroaches can lay eggs at an alarming rate and each casing contains up to 25 babies.

• German cockroaches are cannibals and they will feast on their dead siblings

• German cockroaches are mostly nocturnal and you will see them run when you switch on the light in the kitchen late in the night.
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