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17 Jun, 2019
Red wing starling

Starling Removal Cape Town


What are the first signs that you have starlings?

• Droppings against the wall where the starling couple are entering to build their nest.

• While the nest is being build you will have frequent visitations from the starling couple.

What can happen once the starlings have made their nest?

• Starlings will immediately lay eggs to start the new life cycle

• Once the nest has been established and the eggs start to hatch you will have loud screaming baby starlings asking for food most of the day time.

• Urine soaked ceilings with extremely pungent smell

What can happen once the starlings leave the nest?

• Once a starling baby has left the nest a common occurrence is that the bird lice that have been feeding off of them will descend downwards to search for an alternative food source.

• The bird lice eggs will hatch for 1 to 2 months after the babies have left the nest.

Bird Lice information click here

How to remove the Bird lice?

• The 1st step to remove the bird lice is not to remove the nest. The 1st step is to spray the nest with the correct pesticide to kill any living lice. If you remove the nest before spraying it you will disturb the bird lice and they will spread throughout the area. By spraying the nest you are bonding any eggs to the nest and drop-offs of any eggs are minimal.

• Once sprayed take the nest and put it in a plastic bag and burn it in a fire or dispose via garbage.

Making sure a re-infestation of the starling couple does not re-occur

• The opening where the starlings entered have to be sealed to stop an re-infestation.

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