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Pest Managers Pest Control Services - Rodent Control

How to get rid of rats – Cut branches that are hanging over or close to the roof to eliminate easy access.

Install rodent boxes with high quality poison. Make sure the rat stations are clean and serviced regularly.  
If you want to prevent Rats from entering your property, it is best to find all entry points and have them professionally sealed.   

Rodent Control

Are you experiencing Rodent infestations at your home or business? This requires a solution that eliminates Rodents from your home and prevents them from returning. Pest Managers have a variety of methods available for controlling the spread of rodents in Cape Town. Pest Managers can assist with all types of Rodent Control.

How can Rodent Control be achieved?

Rodent control can be achieved by implementing various methods, for example:

Rodent Control Bait
Rodent Control Trap
Rodent Control Compost Heap

•Use Rodenticides

Rodenticides come in different forms like wax bait blocks, grains, liquid baits, pellets, and porous sachet types.

• Deploy Traps

There are a few traps that are available to achieve rodent control. When it comes to Eco-Friendly methods, live traps are the most effective option. Live traps are cages built to trap the rodent and then transport the rodent to an alternative location.

The alternative methods are snap traps. Snap traps are traps that have an opening with sharp teeth and a spring-loaded bait plate. Once the mechanism is triggered, the teeth close on the rodent striking a death blow by breaking the neck.

•Close Entry-points

Rodents can get access to your house by using any small holes. If you hear rodents in the roof, there is a high chance that the roof opening above the gutter is an entry-point. To stop them from getting to your roof you might need to trim the trees that are close to the roof. Another way they might enter is through any openings leading directly into your house. These openings might be from the wash basin into the kitchen. If the doors of the property are regularly left open it is more effective to try and achieve rodent control on the outside of the property. This is for example the garden.

•Keeping the immediate area clean

Cleaning any debris such as old wood piles, bricks dormant compost heaps and cut plant material is advisable to prevent and get rid of a rodent infestation. Keep the grass short and trim the trees. This is extremely helpful in achieving rodent control.

How long does it take to achieve rodent control?

Rodent control can be achieved very easily. But there are different scenarios that can affect the desired result. Depending on the location of the rodent infestation there could be a higher population density of rodents. If the property is close to a vacant field, dam, river, or old sewage tunnel, it could be very difficult to achieve rodent control in such types of locations.

How does Rodenticides work?

Rodenticides are anticoagulants. Anticoagulants interfere with the rodent’s ability to activate Vitamin K function. Vitamin K is a critical component in the blood clotting function of Rodents.

Rodenticides are made to attract animals. Rodenticides differ in smell as companies that create rodenticides have created their own formulas for success. Rodenticides cause severe internal bleeding over a period of days. The length depends on the strength of the rodenticide that has been consumed and the amount consumed.

Types of Rodenticides for Rodent Control

There are 2 types of rodenticides “Multi feed” and “Single Feed”.

Multi feed rodenticide

Multi feed means the rodent must consume more of the rodenticide to die. Multi feed rodenticides are suitable for areas where people are concerned about predator birds, cats, or dogs. Multi feed rodenticides contain much lower amounts of poison making it much less deadly if a predator bird or house pet preys on the rodent.

Single feed rodenticide

Single feed rodenticide can be used in areas where there is a high tolerance to rodenticides. When there is a rat population that is very large with many large rats that need immediate elimination, single feed rodenticides are a necessity. In dense residential areas where a rodent population has reached numbers that are uncontrollable the likelihood of a disease outbreak is high.

The risks of rodent infestations and the importance of Rodent Control

There are various diseases that have been spread by rodents over millennia. These diseases have caused many deaths over the years and it should make people aware of the importance of Rodent Control.

Examples of diseases are:

Salmonellosis: An infection caused by consuming food or beverages tainted by rat faeces.

Leptospirosis: Occurring because of bacteria in rodent urine, this infection can be contracted by coming into contact with surfaces or consuming substances that have been contaminated with rodent urine.

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM): This viral disease is spread by house mice and can be contracted by breathing dust that has been contaminated with rodent waste.

Hantavirus: Although not known to be transmitted by Norway Rats or Roof Rats, this infection can be contracted by breathing in rodent droppings, urine, or rotting carcasses.

Rat Bite Fever: A bacterial infection caused by contact with rodent urine or mucus secretions, or by being bitten by an infected animal.

The rabies virus: a fearsome, but preventable viral infection that is lethal if not treated properly. There is a risk of large populations of animals becoming infected if professional rodent control is not in place.

Indications that you might have a rodent infestation.

It is easy to detect the presence of rats and mice in an area by the smell. If the infestation has endured for a long time the smell of ammonia will overwhelm you. It is recommended that you use professional rodent control when such a level has been reached.

A/C vents, service conduits, and holes in the foundation of buildings are all common entry points for rodents. Rodents look for areas that are warm and dry. Their main goal is to breed safely and without interference from predators. Once the goal is achieved, they will flourish and within a few months a huge rodent colony can be expected.

It can be harmful to human health if large amounts are present in a residence. Aside from its unpleasant smell, it can be toxic and cause damage if concentrated in a small area.

As well as chewing on insulation and electrical wiring, rodents also have the nasty habit of chewing on many other items around the home. There is a possibility that this may spark a fire and cause extensive damage.

Why do Rodents gnaw?

Rodent Teeth

Rats and mice have one big problem that never goes away! That problem is that their incisor teeth never stop growing! If they stop gnawing the teeth will grow into their skull and could cause certain death.

What should you do if you find or smell a dead rodent?

Rodent Control Logo

If the rodent is visible simply pick it up with a spade or by using gloves. Dispose of the rodent by placing it in a plastic bag. Detect a dead rodent by smell and dispose of it as directed above. If you smell the rodent and you can’t find it, there might be a chance that the rodent has died in the roof. It can be very difficult navigating a roof if you are not used to it. We would recommend getting a professional pest control company like Pest Managers to remove the dead rodent for you.

If you need a professional rodent control company, contact Pest Managers to implement a rodent control solution for you. 

If you want to read more interesting facts on pests read our “11 pest myths debunked“.

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Rico HattinghRico Hattingh
06:19 20 Sep 22
We had endless problems of Ants for years and have tried every single product and service possible, but to no avail, until we were referred to Phillip from Pest Managers who only did one treatment. They spent a few hours around the house and literally now a year later, I have not seen 1 ant. This is really the Best choice that I've made ever.
Ryan DunneRyan Dunne
09:24 14 Sep 22
I contacted Pest Managers to get rid of a Yellow Jacket Wasp infestation. The team was very professional, as well as knowledgeable.I would certainly make use of their services again, and can highly recommend them.
Kelly LaubscherKelly Laubscher
06:54 13 Sep 22
Pest Managers did an excellent job taking care of our Ant pest control problem. Their efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness were top notch. The granule bait they used was taken immediately by the ants and three months later, they haven't returned! They were friendly, knowledgeable, and I felt like I got professional pest control service. Clicked on Pest Managers when searching for Pest Control Cape Town, contacted them and received the friendliest service agent. Within 24 hours of making the booking, the guys were at our site for an inspection and treatment! It was a pleasure to work with such a well-organized company. Excellent service at an affordable price! I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided.
Mark CohenMark Cohen
15:32 24 Aug 22
Bird-proofing - wires and spikes. Very professional and friendly service from start to finish - recommend them highly!!
Laurie BrunsLaurie Bruns
09:39 28 Jan 22
Very professional, friendly service. Took care of many many wasp nests around the house quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend!
Louette NelLouette Nel
15:10 27 Jan 22
Pest Managers assisted me to sort out birds nesting in my ceiling. Since the first time I contacted them, they were very professional, prompt and frequently communicated timelines and expected contact days. Both teams that came (for the quote and actual service) were friendly, on time and very professional. Hopefully I would not need their services again soon, but I'll gladly recommend them.
Winnie BurgerWinnie Burger
11:42 09 Nov 21
Brilliant service for hard to reach bird nest in a triple volume room. Supplied scaffolding and took utmost care not to damage bespoke light fittings and cabinetry. Cleaned up afterwards - left room spic-and-span. Most professional (and friendly) service from start to finish.
Yaw OppongYaw Oppong
13:32 30 Mar 21
I had birds in my roof, i got a few quotes, not only were they the cheapest, there was such great service received from Adrian during the call out. They came and did the job today and a great experience once again. Here's to hoping the tenants in my roof find a more suitable place to call home 🙂