Golden Mole or Cape Dune Mole

Size and color

The species range in size from about 8 to about 20 cm. They have muscular shoulders and the forelimbs are radically adapted for digging; all the toes on the forefeet have been reduced, except for a large, pick-like third claw on the third toe. The fifth digit is absent and the first and fourth digits are vestigial. The adaptations of the hind feet are less dramatic, they retain all five toes and are webbed as an adaptation to efficient backward shoveling of soil loosened by the front claws.


Most species of moles live almost exclusively underground in their respectively preferred environments, beneath either grassveld, forest, swamps, deserts, or mountainous terrain.

Food Source

They feed on small insects and earthworms or small vertebrates such as lizards or burrowing snakes.