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At Pest Managers we pride ourselves on safe and effective eradication of all common household pests.

We have a large client base in Durbanville allowing us to provide affordable and fast pest control service in Durbanville.

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How we define Pest Control

"Pest control is managing and controlling a species commonly found in and around your residential home, commercial business or Industrial premises.

These pests have a negative effect on our Human condition. They affect our health and cause damage that needs to be stopped.

Pest control can be achieved by applying Pesticides and Rodenticides or setting traps and closing of entry points."

What kind of Pest Control do we specialize in?

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We do pest control for the following pests: Rodents or rats and mice and pests like Ants, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Bird Mites, Lice and wasps.