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The Ultimate Guide on What to Expect after a Cockroach Fumigation

What To Expect After Cockroach Fumigation

When you have cockroaches in your home, it can be bothersome and unhealthy for your family. This is due to these pests’ carrying diseases that are harmful to humans. If left in your home, they get into everything, especially your food. Unfortunately, pesticides bought in stores aren’t sufficient to eliminate them, so you may need to take drastic measures such as calling a pest control company.

Now, if you’re wondering what happens when pest control companies fumigate your home, here’s what to expect

Is Fumigation Effective for Cockroach Infestation?

Cockroaches are notoriously known for being able to survive substantial amounts of radiation, but that does not make them invincible. On the contrary, these pests will die with the right amount of radiation.

So, if they can survive high radiation levels, what are the chances of them dying from fumigation? Well, the chances are high. This is because cockroaches are not resistant to fumigation and will die if the right chemicals are used.

The Do's and Don'ts After Fumigation

After your home has been treated using pest control, there are a few simple steps you will need to take to ensure the fumigation is successful.


  • Do not enter your premises before the specified time indicated by the pest control company, especially when they use harmful pesticides. However, if eco-friendly products are sprayed during the fumigation, you won’t have to wait to enter.
  • Refrain from mopping the floors once you start seeing dead cockroaches. To give the pesticides time to work, floors should only be cleaned after 3-5 days. Simply vacuum or sweep the roaches into a dustpan and dispose of them. Alternatively, check with the company if they offer a cleaning service.


  • When you return after the cockroach fumigation, you should wipe your countertops and wash utensils once the spray dries.
  • Open all the windows and switch on any fans you might have to air the place and make it easy to breathe if the pesticide smell is too strong.
  • If you feel nauseous when entering your home, finding alternative accommodation for that night is advisable. Not everyone reacts the same to pesticides, so while one person may be ok with it, another may not.
  • Dispose of any food that has been left exposed during the fumigation.
  • Do repair any pipes or water leaks in your home as water invites roaches into a home. Even after spraying, seal any gaps, as this is where roaches like to hide.
Cockroach Fumigation Bush cockroach
Cockroach Fumigations
Cockroach Fumigation

Why Do I Still See Cockroaches After Fumigation?

Even after cockroach fumigation, it’s very likely that you will still have cockroaches around your home straight after spraying. This is possible as pesticides don’t always kill right away. You might notice more roaches coming out into the open since they are searching for a part of the house that is less contaminated. It can often take days for it to impact them entirely. After 2-3 days, you should start seeing dead cockroaches in your house, which clearly indicates the treatment is working.

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