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Pest Control Cape Town: Frightening Pest Facts

Pests can bring the risk of destruction, disease, and discomfort-into your home or business. Pair a pest infestation with insufficient pest control services and your skin will be crawling! Find out about the top ten frightening pest facts and why you can rest assured with Pest Managers’ pest control services.


About Pest Managers:


Pest Managers is a Cape Town-based pest control company. We offer an efficient and effective pest control solution to Cape Town, the Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand and Blouberg.


We are highly experienced in handling every type of pest that can infest Cape Town homes and businesses. We promise that every pest will be effectively eradicated so that you can continue living or working in a safe environment.


If you have found a pest in your home or place of business, contact Pest Managers for immediate pest control.


Frightening Pest Facts:


If a thought of a pest infestation in your home or business is not scary enough, read through these frightening pest facts which will leave you with the heebie-jeebies. Pest Managers can handle any headless cockroach or other frightening pests effectively.


1) Rats and Mice Can Cause Fires:


Rats and mice are highly destructive pests in your home or business. Rats and mice cause damage by gnawing on objects, such as pipes, structures, and furniture. Rats and mice have teeth that never stop growing and thus they constantly chew on objects to keep their teeth worn down. The most frightening fact of all is that their gnawing can cause fires.


Rats and mice can cause fires by chewing electrical wires. Electrical wires are cables of copper conductors that are insulated with a rubber or plastic coating. The rats or mice will chew through the insulating coating and leave the copper conductors damaged and exposed.


As electricity flows through the electrical wires, the copper becomes hot. If electrical wires are damaged and exposed, there is a risk that the hot copper wires can come into contact with a flammable object and ignite. This fire can result in your home or business burning down.


Pest Managers is a great solution to preventing the risk of fires caused by rats or mice in your home or business.




2) Cockroaches Can Survive Without Their Heads:


Many late-night trips to raid the fridge are thwarted by a cockroach scuttling around the kitchen floor. Those who are brave will remove their slippers and deliver the deadly blow to the cockroach. Be prepared, if you only hit the cockroach’s head, the rest of the body will still run off.


Cockroaches can survive a few weeks without their heads. One of the reasons is that cockroaches do not need their heads to breathe. Cockroaches breathe through spiracles, which are small holes located on the sides of their bodies. The oxygen is then circulated around the body throughout the trachea.


Cockroaches can survive without their heads because they can survive without food for up to one month. Cockroaches are cold-blooded and therefore do not need to eat as much food to generate body heat.


To add to the horror, not only does the cockroach body survive without the head, but the head can exist without the body! A decapitated cockroach head can survive for a few days if it is in a cool, protected environment.


Avoid having to clean a squished cockroach head from underneath your slipper. Contact Pest Managers for effective cockroach pest control Cape Town.




3) Silverfish Can Survive One Year Without Food:


Silverfish are problematic pests as they can be extremely destructive. Silverfish inhabit moist, humid areas in your home or business. They are attracted to food sources that contain polysaccharides, such as your textbooks, wallpaper, or family photographs.


Trying to rid your home or business of silverfish by removing food sources is not going to work. As long as they have access to water, silverfish can survive for an entire year without food. During this time they can still reproduce and thus cause an infestation.


Keep your carpets and curtains hole-free with Pest Managers’ pest control solutions for silverfish.


4) Fleas Can Cause Anaemia in Pets:


Fleas pose a deadly threat to your furry pets. Fleas will hop onto your pet’s fur and pierce their skin to feed on their blood. Not only does this pest cause your pets to itch, bite, scratch, and lick their skin excessively, the loss of blood can also lead to anaemia in extreme cases.


Anaemia is a reduced number of red blood cells circulating the bloodstream. When red blood cells are reduced, your pet’s body is unable to carry oxygen around the body and remove carbon dioxide. Young, elderly, and sickly pets are at high risk of developing anaemia from a flea infestation.


Keep your pets protected from fleas with Pest Managers pest control.


5) Ants Can Destroy Buildings:


Ants can be an annoying pest to deal with in your home or business. A trail of ants on your windowsill can turn into an infestation within days.


An ant infestation means you may have bigger problems than simply a few black, wriggling ants in your sugar container. Ants are highly destructive and can destroy buildings. The most common cause of building destruction is the carpenter ant.


Carpenter ants build their nests in wood. Their sharp, powerful jaws can quickly carve holes through solid wood. Buildings with wooden structural support can come crashing down once ants have infested.


Contact Pest Managers immediately once you notice a large number of ants in your home or business to avoid any damage to your property.




6) Aphids Can Be Born Pregnant:


Aphids are a farmer’s and gardener’s constant nightmare. Aphids are attracted to any green vegetation and will feed on the plant sap which can cause the leaves to curl or stunt the plant’s growth. Aphids also transmit diseases to the plants which can cause plants to die.


Aphids are a pest because they reproduce extremely quickly. Aphids can reproduce both sexually and asexually through parthenogenesis. To make matters worse, the unborn aphids are able to develop embryos whilst still inside the mother’s womb and are thus born pregnant.


Pest Managers is equipped to handle any type of pest infestation in your home or garden with our pest control Cape Town services.


7) Cockroaches Can Aggravate Asthma in Children:


As a parent of a child with asthma, you take to extensive lengths to ensure your home is a haven against asthma aggravators. You keep your home free from mould, smoke, dust mites, and pet-fur, but did you realise that the cockroach in the bathroom might be aggravating your child’s asthma?


Decomposed cockroach saliva, excrement, and feces debris can become airborne. This can then be easily inhaled and cause an allergic response in the lungs. Cockroaches are shown to worsen asthma in children.


The allergic response depends on the level of allergy in the child, the infestation in the home, and how well the home is ventilated.


Prevent cockroaches from aggravating asthma in your home by using Pest Managers’ effective pest control services.




8) Rats Carry Parasites That Cause Diseases:


Rats are a common host for many disease-causing parasites. Rats do not have collarbones and thus only need a gap the size of their skull to be able to gain access into your home or business. The smallest entry point can be an open door to a host of dangerous, life-threatening diseases.


The most common disease-carrying parasites which use rats as hosts are ticks, fleas, and certain types of bacteria. These are a few diseases associated with these parasites, and one example is Lyme disease. Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia Burgdorferi which is tick-borne. The rat can bring these ticks inside, and if you are bitten by the tick, you are at risk of getting Lyme disease.


Avoid facing life-threatening diseases and discomfort by eradicating rats from your premise with Pest Managers’ pest control Cape Town.


9) Wasps Can Sting Multiple Times:


If you have ever been stung by a wasp then you know that you do not want to experience that searing pain more than once. The frightening fact is that if a wasp feels threatened, it can sting you multiple times. This is because they do not have a barbed stinger that gets embedded in your skin. Extreme cases can result in an allergic reaction.


If you have a wasp nest in your home or business, leave it up to the professionals to handle with Pest Managers pest control services.


10) Ticks Secrete Saliva with Anesthetic Properties:


As if a tick biting into your skin and sucking your blood was not scary enough, ticks can do so without being noticed. This is because ticks can secrete saliva with anesthetic properties. The surrounding skin becomes numb and the tick is left to feast without your awareness.




Keep your home or business tick-free with Pest Managers pest control services.


Frightening Pest Control Services:


Sometimes pest control services are more frightening than the pests themselves. People often avoid contacting pest control companies due to fear of the expensive costs of pest removal. This results in people living or working in unsafe, pest-infested environments.


Another concern with pest control companies is the use of pesticides. Certain companies will use pesticides that are harmful to the people, pets, and surrounding environment if they become exposed.


Certain companies will also offer ineffective services. In turn, this can lead to a reputation that all pest control companies will leave you to handle the remaining pests after spending money on their services.


When it comes to Pest Managers, you can trust our pest control Cape Town services.


Pest Managers Pest Control:


Pest Managers is your complete solution for pest control in Cape Town. We provide an effective solution for any pest that infests your home or business at an affordable rate.


We understand that living with pests can be uncomfortable and dangerous and therefore we make our services suitable for any budget.


We are an eco-friendly pest control company that use only environmentally friendly pesticides. This ensures that we solve your pest problem in your home or business without causing any other problems for your health, your pet’s health, or the health of the environment.


We also offer a guaranteed service. In the rare instance that there are complaints or dissatisfaction with our pest control service, we will happily fix any related problems. Pest Managers will always ensure that you are happy with our pest control services and that you receive a pest-free environment to live or work in.


With Pest Managers, there is no need to fear these frightening pest facts or pest control services.

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