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Pest control Cape Town: Eleven Pest Myths Debunked

Pest myths seem to spread faster than those pesky cockroaches zooming around your home. Pest myths can waste your time and worsen the pest problem. Read this guide on debunked pest myths and hire Pest Managers for efficient pest control in Cape Town.

About Pest Managers:


Pest Managers offers excellent pest control services for your home or workplace. Our pest control is guaranteed to solve your pest problems effectively and to your satisfaction. Pest Managers ensure that Cape Town, the Northern Suburbs, the Southern Suburbs, Blouberg Somerset West, Strand and Stellenbosch are pest-free with our pest control services.

Pest Managers has a team of pest control professionals. Our pest control services are accredited by the government and all other regulatory bodies to ensure that you can trust our services. We are highly experienced in dealing with pests correctly, safely, and quickly. Often, people avoid dealing with their pest problems because pest control is expensive. Pest Managers offers an affordable pest control solution so that you can have a safe home or workplace without breaking the budget.

Our targeted pest control will only get rid of destructive or dangerous pests. We understand that in a home or workplace there are certain insects or animals which are not pests. Our pest control services do not harm any insects or animals unnecessarily. When it comes to pest control, Pest Managers is your first choice. You can trust our professional and experienced services to deal with your pests.


Pest Control Cape Town:


Cockroaches scurrying around your kitchen, crickets keeping you up all night, and silverfish creating holes in your favourite Winter jersey can quickly turn your home oasis into chaos. Many homes in Cape Town experience a pest infestation. Pests include antsbirdsbird licewaspsspiders, and many other insects and animals. These pests can cause damage to your home, be dangerous, and make you feel embarrassed when friends come to visit.

Living with pests is uncomfortable, stressful, and completely unnecessary. Pests can make you desperate and force you to turn to common pest myths to control pests in your home. Pest Managers is your effective solution to any pest control Cape Town needs.

Eleven Common Pest Myths Debunked:


Pest myths can increase your pest problem in your home. You end up wasting time, money, and effort on useless pest control methods while your pests only increase in numbers. We have debunked eleven pest myths so that you can avoid exacerbating your pest problem.

1) Cockroaches Can Survive a Nuclear Explosion:


This myth did not just crawl out from under the fridge during the night. After the United States bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many cockroaches were found to have survived the nuclear explosions in the nearby rubble of the destroyed areas. This led to multiple experiments and the creation of the myth.

Cockroaches cannot survive a nuclear explosion. The extreme heat energy produced by a nuclear explosion will eradicate the cockroaches immediately. Cockroaches can, however, survive exposure to extreme radiation.

Nuclear explosions produce radiation. Exposure to high levels of radiation for humans can be deadly. Research has found that cockroaches can withstand astronomically larger amounts of radiation than humans can.

Luckily, there is an easier alternative to removing cockroaches from your home than using dangerous radiation. Contact Pest Managers for effective cockroach pest control in Cape Town.


2) Pets Can Control Pests:


Our furry four-legged family members are not adequate pest control solutions. Cats and dogs can be a deterrent for certain pests, like mice and birds, but they are not a sustainable solution.

Pets can bring pests into a home. Fleas and bed bugs are often found in dirt or grass outside your home. These pests will then jump onto your cat or dog and then be transported into your home. Fleas and bed bugs reproduce quickly and can quickly infest your carpets, curtains, floors, and bedding.

Pets can also attract rats to your home. Rats are attracted to food, water, and shelter. Leaving leftover pet food in your pet’s bowls and not cleaning up the pet’s droppings are quick ways to coax rats to your home. 

3) Mice Love Cheese:


Sorry, Tom, you are not about to catch Jerry with cheese after all. It is a common myth that leaving cheese in mousetraps will catch mice in your home or workplace. While mice will eat cheese, there are other food items that they are more attracted to eating. Mice will typically consume food with high sugar content. Peanut butter, dried fruit, sugar cubes, and candy are more likely to catch mice than blocks of cheese.

Mice are also attracted to nesting materials. Straw, feathers, and shredded material are common nesting materials for mice. You can use these items to attract a mouse into a mousetrap, but this is an unlikely solution to a mice infestation. If you have mice in your home, Pest Managers can provide you with professional pest control in Cape Town.


4) Pest Control is Harmful to the Environment:


Not all pest control methods are harmful to the environment. Certain companies will use toxic pesticides in your home or workplace which can have far-reaching effects on your health, your pet’s health, and the environment.

Toxic pesticides can affect the environment in multiple ways. If the pesticide is sprayed it can spread and contaminate nearby areas. Toxic pesticides can also seep into groundwater, contaminate nearby water sources, and then poison fish and wildlife.

Pest Managers is an environmentally friendly company. We use only biodegradable products for our pest control Cape Town services. We aim to protect you from pest infestations without causing damage to the environment.

5) Bees Sting Only Once:


This common myth stems from the honeybee, as the female honeybee is only able to sting you once. The female honeybee stinger is barbed and will get lodged in your skin. Once you are stung, the stinger gets torn off the honeybee’s abdomen which results in the honeybee’s death.

There are over 20,000 bee species and most of them can sting you multiple times. Bees will sting when they feel provoked or to protect their colony. Multiple bee stings can result in a serious reaction that will require emergency medical care.


If you have a beehive in your home or workplace, it is wise to allow professional pest removers to handle the problem to avoid injury. Pest Managers will happily remove any unwanted bees from your home or workplace.

6) Fleas Die Immediately Without a Host:


Fleas do not die immediately without a host. Flicking a flea off your skin or your pet’s fur will not solve your flea problem. On average, an adult flea can survive for up to four days without a host. Fleas can also go up to 100 days without food.

Fleas need a host for food, warmth, moisture, and to reproduce. Fleas target humans, cats, dogs, and other warm-blooded animals as their hosts. Fleas will feed on a host by piercing the host’s skin and sucking their blood. Flea bites can cause skin irritation which can lead to flea allergy dermatitis.

Fleas can lay over 50 eggs per day and thus a flea problem needs to be solved quickly and effectively. Pest Managers is your go-to company for flea pest control.

7) DIY Pest Control is Enough:


DIY pest control methods are often only useful for small pest problems. The problem with pests, and specifically insect pests, is that they tend to infest your home in vast numbers which can become uncontrollable with DIY pest control methods.

DIY pest control methods can result in a waste of time and money. Many pest problems also require professional experience to adequately solve the problem. Pest Managers will easily solve your pest problems without you having to lift a finger.

8) Clean Homes Have No Pests:


Pests do not only live in the dark, dirty depths of a teenager’s bedroom. Clean houses can also be susceptible to pest infestations. Most pests simply require a space with food, warmth, and moisture to grow and reproduce.

Having a clean home is beneficial as you will be alerted to a pest infestation in the early stages. If you notice any signals of a pest infestation in your home, contact Pest Managers immediately for a quote and advice.

9) Rice can Kill Birds:


According to this myth, all you need to do to get rid of pesky birds is to feed them uncooked rice. It is said that when the birds eat the rice, the rice will then swell in the bird’s stomach and kill the bird.

This pest myth is far from true. Birds eat multiple grains and will even benefit from you feeding them uncooked rice. Starlings and pigeons are common bird pests in Cape Town. Birds can be pests as they can be noisy, their droppings and urine can cause unpleasant smells, and they can bring bird lice into your home or workplace. Pest Managers have multiple effective methods for removing both unwanted birds and bird lice from your premises.


10) Boiling Water Kills Ants:


To solve an ant infestation in your home or workplace, this myth states that pouring boiling water down the anthill is a sufficient pest control method. This myth is an unsustainable pest control solution for ants.

The boiling water poured down the anthill will kill multiple ants, but not all of them. The problem with ant hills is that they are generally deep and cool. As the boiling water seeps further down, it becomes cold and ineffective.

To truly remove ants from your home or workplace, you need to kill the queen ant. The queen ant usually lives at the bottom of the anthill, where boiling water cannot reach or become cool before reaching her. Ants are an irritating pest to have in your home or workplace. Pest Managers is experienced in eradicating ants from your property.


11) Ultrasonic Pest Repellents Work:


Ultrasonic pest repellents emit an extremely high frequency which is meant to affect pests and divert them from your home or workspace. Unfortunately, these devices do not work for most insects and animal pests become used to the sound. Ultrasonic pest repellents are not a long-term solution for your pest infestation problems. Pest Managers provide you with guaranteed service so that you do not have to waste your money on insufficient pest control.


Choose Pest Managers over pest myths for effective pest control Cape Town.

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