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Avoid Summer bugs with pest control Cape Town

Just months away from summer, you can count on a number of pests, bugs and creepy crawlies making their way into your homes. Fortunately, pest control is a quality service offered by Pest Managers

Read this article for more information on summer infestations, common pests and their dangers, and the valuable services of Pest Managers.


Summer Pests are more likely to require extra attention: Contact Pest Pest Managers


As temperatures rise and humidity rises, your house or business could become the perfect environment for pesky insects and pests to make their new homes. In South Africa, there is a very high likelihood that you could run into ants, cockroaches, crickets, spiders and many other pests on a regular basis. But accumulative disturbances from pests can lead to distressing infestations and reduced well-being.

The Mother City is a beautiful place. However, there is no doubt that urban dwellings and shared residences can worsen domestic pest issues. With so many people living in apartment blocks, and a high number of travelling tourists and backpackers moving through accommodations, it’s not uncommon to experience unfortunate run-ins with unwelcome insects and pests.

There are many commercial options for pest removal, but a lot of these quick fixes are ineffective in the long run. Moreover, they can be costly and time-consuming. In order to avoid huge disruptions in your daily life, the Pest Managers recommend that you seek out professional help in the early stages of your infestation. This will prevent intense fumigations and home removals from taking place.

Pest Managers can solve infestations


Although they specialize in the pest management of residences and businesses in Cape Town, they are also able to exterminate infestations in surrounding areas such as the Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Blouberg, Somerset West, Strand and Stellenbosch. They also offer additional services for bird control, rodent control (for micemoles and rats) and disinfection.

From a business perspective, these insects could indicate a lack of hygiene that can devastate your customer relations. These issues can reflect badly on your business and make your clients uncomfortable. If you’re running a household, these infestations can be equally disconcerting. No family wants to cohabitate with pests, and these sorts of infestations can be an incredibly exhausting violation of your safe space.

These pests are more than nuisances. They are also dangerous to the health of your building’s residents. For example, in the case of hazardous pests like bed bugs, bird lice, fleas, fish moths and wasps infesting your home or business, you will find yourself in danger of serious consequences.

Unchecked pests can cause serious health concerns


Below is a list of pests that the Pest Managers are commonly tasked with handling. When left unchecked, these pests multiply. If infestation worsens, their presence can have harmful effects on your physical and mental health.


Bed bugs

Bed bugs are found in bedsheets and mattresses. These bugs are a common problem in cosmopolitan cities with high temperatures and a high population density. They can be passed on as a result of unwashed bedding, the purchase of second-hand sheets and clothing, and frequent travel through short-term accommodation.

Bed bugs feed on human blood. Their bites can cause intense skin irritations and allergic reactions. Aside from sleepless nights, these insects can also necessitate expensive visits to the doctor if side effects like fever, fatigue, asthma or respiratory complications ensue.

Bird Lice

Bird lice are parasites that can be found on domestic and wild birds. These lice will catch a ride on pigeons, starlings, poultry, sparrows and robins. They lay eggs in nests and on feathers, and they hatch over 5 days. Eventually, these lice can make their way to your homes and reproduce without your knowledge.

Bird lice infestations are often confused with flea infestations. Bird lice are found in bedding, as they thrive in cotton materials that offer warmth and insulation. These lice bite and lay eggs at alarmingly fast rates. Some tell-tale signs for identifying bird lice infestations include the observation of slow-healing lesions on your skin, pinprick bites, frequent itching, and vague crawling sensations on your skin.

Fish moths

Fish moths – also known as silverfish – are capable of contaminating materials and food. They can live for up to one year, and they are generally 13–25 mm long. These insects feed off of polysaccharides, which can be found in clothing, the binding in books, photos, plaster, dandruff, dead insects, hair, paint and paper. They also consume cotton, crumbs, linen, silk and other synthetic materials.

If these infestations are left unresolved, these household pests can eat and destroy your goods and property over time. Look out for them at home. They are commonly found hiding in bathrooms, sinks, bathtubs, showers, attics, kitchens, and even old books or classrooms.



If you notice multiple small, wingless insects of 1.5 to 3.3 mm hopping around your furniture, curtains, and skin, call Pest Managers immediately. These nuisances are easily transferred from infested dirt and grass to your home and onto your carpet via your dogs and cats. These insects travel by attaching themselves to the underbellies of animals.

Fleas cause a lot of suffering and sickness. They suck the blood of warm-blooded vertebrates – like humans, dogs, cats, ferrets, squirrels, rats, ferrets, mice and birds – with their piercing epipharynx. Fleas can consume 15 times their weight in blood per day, and lay 50+ eggs in a day.

Flea bites create raised, swollen, red clusters of nodules that look like mosquito bites. These bites can last for several weeks, and cause eczematous itchy skin disease, also called flea allergy dermatitis. If this is left untreated, secondary hair loss could occur as a result of frequent scratching. Flea bites have also caused anaemia in extreme cases.


Wasps like yellowjackets and hornets are capable of causing severe health effects. Wasps tend to nest in large numbers with an egg-laying queen. When they are threatened, they will use their stingers to defend themselves and their nest. In some cases, these stings can cause anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis can result in a person’s airways closing and their breathing stopping. If you are stung, you might experience a swollen tongue and throat. This can result in dizziness, cramps, nausea and diarrhoea. To avoid the personal and incorrect handling of a wasp nest, contact the Pest Managers.


How would I know if I have a bug problem?


You might have an infestation of bugs if you notice the following:

  • Unpleasant odours
  • Increased itching and scratching
  • Bug excrement can be found in the form of dark spots on the walls and furniture
  • Crushed bugs can leave bloodstains on sheets and mattresses

Where could these bugs be hiding?

  • Bugs like to hide in warm, humid environments where they can insulate themselves, reproduce and lay eggs. Some of their hiding spots include:
  • The inner creases of mattresses and bedsheets
  • Inside of luggage and shoes
  • In the fur of your animals
  • In headboards and skirting boards
  • In curtains and paintings
  • In the grooves and crevices of your furniture

What are the general effects of infestations?

  • Pests like rats, ticks, fleas and roaches carry and spread disease.
  • Many people experience severe allergic reactions to pests, ranging from blocked noses to death in some scenarios.
  • Certain pests nest in destructive ways. Wooden homes built with plaster are at risk of structural damage from pests like ants and termites.
  • If pests have access to your food products, it will be necessary to discard your groceries. This food waste can be taxing for households struggling with budget constraints.


Pest Managers Pest Control is a reliable service

Although this information might be disconcerting, you should know that there are effective ways of curbing these infestations. Without the help of legitimate technicians, these infuriating problems can spread quickly and compromise the sanitation of an entire building. Buildings with histories of pest infestations are likely to give way to a problematic trajectory of pest problems in the future, so it’s better to fix it properly now.

Avoiding the problem can only make it worse. There’s no need to be ashamed of your situation. Unfortunately, these infestations can occur in even the cleanest of places. Skip the anxiety and call Pest Managers to take care of the problem quickly and effectively.

Industry professionals need to have a firm and complete understanding of the habits and lifestyles of the insects which they are dealing with if they are hoping to fix the problem with long-term effects. Pest Managers is a reputable pest control service in South Africa, with a history of successful exterminations and fumigations. Using eco-friendly strategies, the experts from Pest Managers will rid your household and or business of these tricky pests so you don’t have to.

6 Reasons why you can trust Pest Managers


Guaranteed results – Regardless of the size and severity of your infestation, the Pest Managers have the capacity to eradicate the issue with 100% positive results. They are equipped with the necessary training and tools. Pest Managers will remove all bugs without staining or compromising your goods, house or business.

Eco-friendly – The Pest Managers prioritize the use of sustainable strategies to remove pests. The removal process will not harm the environment since the products used to counter infestation are completely biodegradable. This means that the pesticides used can be broken down and will therefore not pollute any surfaces or water sources. These targeted measures will remove insects without risking the safety of local residents and animals.

Cost-effective – The Pest Managers offer competitive prices for their expert services. Clients can be assured that they are receiving the most effective services in exchange for the most competative prices. The Pest Managers offer the best rates in the region, and their clients receive a great return on investments.

Safe colour and odour-free treatments – Pest Control Cape Town does not use coloured and odorous substances to remove bugs. This means that your children and domestic animals will not be in danger of inhaling hazardous gases. If you make sure to call the Pest Managers in the early stages of your infestation, you might be able to avoid moving out of your home for the fumigation process.

Trusted and accredited company – The Pest Managers have been accredited and approved by the South African government. Clients can remain comfortable knowing that Pest Control Cape Town functions within legal restrictions. They also follow the regulations of health authorities rigorously.

Professionalism – The staff at Pest Managers are highly trained. They offer their customers expert opinions and quality services based on the nature of the infestation and the effects of the relevant insects. These staff members are guaranteed to execute their eco-friendly strategies efficiently, and they have received excellent customer ratings.

These buzzing bugs are a serious problem. Call Pest Managers on 021 012 5589 now to book your services!


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