Bird Spikes for Cape Town best for Bird Proofing and Bird Control

Bird Spikes for South Africa

Our spikes can be used to deter birds like pigeons, starlings and seagulls. Great for bird proofing your home and extremely effective at bird control.

Pest Managers is based in Cape Town but we supply to the whole of South Africa

Our Price per bird spike run for Poly-carbonate Plastic Bird Spikes are R24.90. 1 run is 33.3cm in length

Our Price per bird spike run for Metal Bird Spikes are R26.90. 1 run is 33.3cm in length

Three lengths will make 1 meter

Gutter clips are R37 for 12

Remove a clip is R34 for 12

Pickup by courier has to be organised by you and payment must be done before pickup.

We recommend the courier guy for transport.

We do any size installations


Transparent Bird Spikes

Good for blending into any environment

Remove a clip right size

Remove a Clip

Great for having semi-permanent spikes


Green Bird Spikes

Good for camouflaging in the garden

Gutter Clip right size

Gutter Clips

Great for installing Bird Spikes on Gutters


Brown Bird Spikes

Good for Garden Camouflage


Cream Bird Spikes

Blends right in with cream paints


White Bird Spikes

Great for white walls


Black Bird Spikes

Great for on the roof

MetalPlastic Base

Metal spikes with plastic base

Very durable for any outside structure