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Birds can look cute and attractive, but if you own a farm with fresh produce, the innocent-looking creatures can turn out to be very devastating. Think of a scenario where thousands of birds flock your farm just as you are preparing for harvesting. That is the scenario that many farm owners have to deal with every harvest season. And it is not just farm owners who find birds to be troublesome creatures. If you live in a bird-infested neighborhood, you too are likely to find them very annoying.

Do you Have birds nesting, perching and messing?

Trying to deal with a bird problem on your own is close to impossible, considering that the birds can fly and are thus difficult to catch. That is why you should look for a professional pest control company to help you get rid of the troublesome birds once and for all. Pest Managers is one such company in Cape Town, South Africa.

If you are looking for a professional service that will help you exterminate troublesome birds from your environment, you can contact us today for our professional help.

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Bird Netting

Bird netting is an effective bird control strategy that we use to keep birds away from restricted areas. We can place bird netting structures on your farm to avoid birds from getting in and destroying your farm produce.

We can also use bird netting on roofs and other bird-prone structures to safely keep birds away. Our nets are completely safe for the birds and only serve the purpose of keeping the birds away without causing harm.

Bird Wire

Bird wires are also very effective in bird control, especially for the big birds, which could cause a lot of harm if left uncontrolled.

The bird wire installations cause an unstable area for birds, discouraging the birds from landing, thus keeping the birds from your compound.
Our Bird Wire Kits are all manufactured by us for superior quality!

Bird Spikes

Our effective bird spikes are also very effective for preventing birds from landing on unwanted spaces. Our bird spikes are also eco-friendly and do not offer any risk to the birds that may attempt a landing.

We make the spikes from flexible polycarbonate plastic, thus, being bird-friendly. The spikes’ flexibility will ensure the birds don’t find a stable landing spot, thus, keeping them away.


Exclusion is another effective way to keep birds away from your farms and work environments.
By covering all the entry parts that can allow birds access to your farm and inner roofs, we effectively keep the birds away.

Our team will also spray affected areas like the nests on your roof to get rid of any bird-parasites that may be present.